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If you are interested in adopting 2 older Sphynx, please see below

Alchemy kittens born 4th October 2021

Alchemy Sphynx Cats will be breeding again in 2022. The kittens just born will become part of the new breeding program. They are directly from my original five lines of imported, pure Sphynx from UK, Russia, Sth Africa and NZ. There are no hybrid lines in these pedigrees, as the outcrossing comes from a healthy range of pure, international lines. Breeding cats are HCM tested and health checked regularly.

We look forward to bringing you more news about future litters.

Of course, these kittens are connected to the Australian Cat Federation, which is the largest Australian cat federation, and is a legitimate, not-for-profit organization. 

Alchemy is not keeping waiting lists because the number of casual inquiries make them unmanageable. Please keep in touch if you are interested in a kitten. And please be careful about sending money to online, anonymous ;breeders'. Check your breeder really exists in Australia. Some scammers claim to be registered with TICA (but probably are not.)

Ask the breeder about the registering body for the pedigrees, and check up on them. For example, you can see my name listed on the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) website under 'Judges': Dr Jocene Vallack. 

Judges of the Australian Cat Federation. ( 

 Good luck, and please feel free to call for general advice.

Scam alert. There is an online Sphynx site that pretends to be a legitimate breeder from Darwin. They get people to transfer $2000+ and then disappear. I have had calls from two people who have been victims. Please ask your breeder the name of their registering organization and then call that body to check the breeder really exists.For example, I am registered with the Feline Control Council of Queensland (FCCQ).Anyone can check with them that I am a registered btreeder. Please be careful.These criminals are breaking hearts.Check your breeder is registered in Australia.There are not many kittens around at the moment so please be patient.i don't have any right now but I am happy to offer advice if needed. Jocene.

CORVID19 Update:

Alchemy Sphynx cats are frequently sold interstate and occasionally internationally. Due to the current pandemic, it is difficult to transport kittens. We all hope this crisis will end soon, and we can go back to our regular activities.

We are getting calls for kittens now because so many of us are stuck at home. Perhaps, in a way, it will be better to make a decision about your new pet when things are back to normal. They are now saying, 'a kitten is for life, not just for CORVID19 lock down'.

Take care, Everyone. This too will pass.



Alchemy Sphynx Australia update

Alchemy Sphynx have downsized, but will still have a few litters each year. The next litter is expected around mid-June.

I have been breeding for over twenty years, and now I am judging at cat shows in Australia. I have had the pleasure to mentor both Allura Sphynx in Victoria, and now Hallows Sphynx in Mackay.


Please feel free to call me on 0429681102 if you have general questions about the breed


Champion Alchemy Twilight Edward -at 12 weeks old


Please text for kitten enquiries: 0429681102



Hello. My name is Dr Jocene Vallack and I live in Townsville, Australia. I have been breeding show cats under the cattery name ALCHEMY since 1998. Alchemists of old tried to turn lead into gold - a bit like the elusive art of trying to breed exquisite, healthy and happy show cats.

I have now semi-retired but will still have an occasional litter of kittens. I have passed most of my breeding cats on to two excellent breeders, and they should have babies from time to time. I am very happy to provide advice and make recommendations to new owners. Ph. 0429681102                                       ...........................................

Congratulations to Kayla, owner of Alchemy Crusader, on his first show (Melbourne) at 13 weeks old.

Best kitten in group/ Best Group Exhibit.  Thank you to esteemed international judge and mentor, Mr Rod Uren.


5th Feb. 2017

I am very excited to share some pictures with you.

These lovely photographs of two Alchemy stud boys, which now live in Japan, were taken by renowned photographer, Tetsu Yamazaki.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks to him for generously permitting the use of his photographs on this site. 

Tetsu and Hiroko Yamazaki



Copyright: The above photos are subject to copyright.

Please do not use these without permission.

October, 2019



Beware of pedigree scams. - I was recently asked by a new breeder if I wanted to swap an entire girl for what looked like a nice, little, tortie kitten, which this very inexperienced breeder had in her first litter. Occasionally, if a new breeder seems very ethical and keen to focus on the animals' welfare, I will mentor new breeders. However, when she sent the pedigrees of the parents, it was clear to any experienced breeder that those were not the parents of this kitten. The tortie colour is genetically linked to the colours of the parents, and what she was claiming was genetically impossible. Any reputable cat association will de-register a breeder for such a breech of trust. Make sure your breeder is someone who is ethical,  truthful and has shown cats, as these are the ones who care about improving the breed and keeping authentic pedigrees. We do not want to support dishonest breeders who just want to sell kittens but will not take the time to learn about the breed and care for the animals' mental

This link takes you to an ABC radio interview that I did about Sphynx cats:

 If you are interested in adopting a Sphynx, there are some things to consider:

  •  Sphynx feel the cold because they have no fur. Although they feel warm to touch, they get cold easily. Unless you live up here in Northern Queensland, they will need a warm sleeping box with a pet electric blanket, or a microwave heat pad. They like to crawl under soft blankets to keep warm, so have these available in their bed.
  • They need to be bathed every so often - about every 3 or 4 weeks, or when they get grubby. Too much bathing creates skin problems. Ears need wiping out with baby wipes more regularly. The oils, usually taken away by hair, gather and collect dust in ears.  
  • Alchemy Sphynx are sold desexed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Most kittens fly interstate to their new homes.

For enquiries, please go to CONTACT US,  and complete the message form on this website, or you are welcome to phone Jocene on 0429681102.

Thank you for your interest. Please enjoy the website.


These Sphynx kittens have now gone to lovely homes


Curley Sue - sold to Viv


David Bowie - Future Stud boy


David Bowie (Above-Sold)

2 and 3 weeks old now...

Please call for a chat if you would like more information. It is important that I know who is going to be owning the kitten,  and that we both are content that a Sphynx is right for you. It is also important that you know  I am a legitimate breeder. I will be judging at the FCCQ Cat show in Brisbane on 5th March, 2017.  

Please beware of the occasional scam with this breed. Always check that your breeder is registered with a legitimate Australian cat federation, which will hold breeders accountable. The three associations in Australia are ACF, CCCA and ANCATS.

Alchemy cats are registered with the Feline Control Council of Queensland, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF).



Two days old...





Alchemy Gypsy Rose Lee has kittens Jan. 2015

New babies for 2015... available AprilMay               Ph. 0429681102

  Alchemy Lady Godiva with new babies 

2014  kittens have all gone to lovely homes throughout Australia and also as far as Hawaii. Thank you and Aloha.                      

Miss Aloha arrived safely in Hawaii on 9th January.              Thank you to Jetpets.

Furgetmenot (below) has gone to a lovely home in Townsville.

 Special ex-show girl

Kittens appear in the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper (30th Oct. 2012) to promote our FCCV Cat Show on Sunday:                                             

Alchemy Napolean at 12 weeks old

Older posts   - 2012:                                                                                  USA CAT SHOW IN RENO

I am updating this site (at last) from  the Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno, where I have just attended my first American Cat Show. The people were so welcoming, and introduced me to lovely breeders of Sphynx and Siamese cats over here. I even got to handle some (the cats - not the breeders!)  My thanks to Bobbi IrieShow, Carol Freels and Mary Auth for making me so welcome.

As I have now started as a trainee judge with the FCCV in Australia, I was very pleased to be able to observe the expertise of international judges such as David Mare and Douglas Meyers. They handled the cats beautifully, and convinced me that they knew exactly what they were doing.

I was thrilled to be able to see Japanese Bobtails and American Shorthair cats, as I have not seen these breeds in Melbourne. The silver tabby American Shorthair was my pick of the day. I have been breeding classic orientals for some years, and I know how difficult it is to get that recessive pattern, along with everything else. It was also a great opportunity to observe the differences between the American Shorthair and the British Shorthair, when excellent examples of each breed were benched side-by-side.

Here are some pictures:

 Judge David Mare with a silver tabby American Shorthair

Below : My chance to meet judge Douglas Myers from Phoenix AZ


and while I am up there with the celebrities...Me with David Mare:

This is legendary USA Siamese breeder, Dee Johnson fron San-Joi cattery, with one of her seal-point kittens. I was impressed by the clear, light coat and contrasting dark points. Our Australian lines sometimes lack that coat clarity in Siamese - and I include my own breeding there.

USA Sphynx breeders and exhibits:


 New born Sphynx kitten gets weighed



 International Champion Neo

Strangely social cats, these sisters help each other give birth (while I watch on in astonishment)




Beautiful Creatures Exhibition - with sphynx kitten, Alchemy Neoclassic Godiva

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 Royal Melbourne Show winner Alchemy Shapeshifter


ALCHEMY proudly welcomes  to Australia - International Champion Alnakeed Neo (Imp. UK) . Sphynx stud cat. 

 Now fathering Achemy Sphynx kittens. He is a delightful stud, giving to our Australian lines remarkable muscle tone and wrinkling. He is sweet with the girls, and he will live out the rest of his life now as my special, spoiled boy. Thank you to Sheryll and Skinderella cattery in NZ. 

Sphynx kittens at 6 weeks


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Miss Dolly... 2010 FCCV Kitten Show Supreme Exhibit and later 2015 ANCATS Supreme in Show (not bad for an old girl!)


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Alchemy Napolean at 12 weeks old


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